the DALY Calculator
a generic tool for stochastic DALY calculation in R

DALY 1.4.0 / download & installation

Download & install R

The DALY Calculator is developed in R, an open-source environment for statistical programming and graphics. The use of the DALY Calculator requires the prior installation of R, which can be freely downloaded from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). R is available for all major operating systems.

Download & install the DALY package

The DALY package is available on the CRAN repository, and can be installed by accessing the following menu in R:

Packages > Install package(s)...

Next, the required CRAN mirror has to be selected, and the DALY package can be selected and installed from the list of available packages.

Alternatively, the download and installation of the DALY package may be invoked directly from the R console, by calling:


Special notes for Unix OS users

The installation procedure under Mac OS X is more complicated. Two additional tools (may) need to be installed:

  • The X Window System (X11): if this is properly installed, the file should appear in the Utilities folder under Applications in the Finder. If not, you can install it from your Mac OS X installation disc.
  • Tcl/Tk for X Windows: this can be installed by downloading and installing tcltk-8.5.5-x11.dmg from

Linux users may need to download and install the Tktable toolkit, which can be found through Ubuntu/Debian users may download and install the toolkit directly by issuing any of the following commands from Terminal:

sudo apt-get install tk-table
sudo apt-get install libtktable2.10

Launch the DALY Calculator

To use the DALY Calculator, the DALY package has to be loaded in the R environment, by typing the following command in the R console:


The above call will load and attach the DALY package, and initiate the main window of the DALY Calculator. To re-initiate this window, call the following function from the R console:


Development version

The development version of the DALY package is maintained on GitHub. You can use the devtools package to install this development version: