the DALY Calculator
a generic tool for stochastic DALY calculation in R

Scenario analysis implies performing and comparing different calculation scenarios. Scenario analyses may be used to assess the impact of methodological choices, such as the application of age weighting or the choice of the discount rate. They may also be used to assess model uncertainty, for instance when there is uncertainty or controversy regarding the occurrence of certain health outcomes.


The DALY_list() function combines multiple 'DALY' objects into an object of class 'DALY_list'. Methods exist to print the different scenario results and for producing comparative stacked barplots and scatterplots.


As an example, we will calculate DALYs for the neurocysticercosis example based on three different social weighting scenarios, i.e., no age weighting or time discounting (DALY[0,0]), no age weighting but 3% time discounting (DALY[0,0.03]), and age weighting and 3% time discounting (DALY[1,0.03]).

## load NCC example

## calculate DALYs under different scenarios
ncc_00 <- getDALY(aw = FALSE, dr = 0)
ncc_03 <- getDALY(aw = FALSE, dr = 0.03)
ncc_13 <- getDALY(aw = TRUE,  dr = 0.03)

## save results as 'DALY_list'
ncc <- DALY_list(ncc_00, ncc_03, ncc_13)

## barplot of different scenarios
plot(ncc, names = c("DALY[0,0]", "DALY[0,0.03]", "DALY[1,0.03]"))